Sun, May 29, 2022


Diatribe on ‘migrant invasion’ was foul blend of tribalism and fear

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Re: “Why an Irish ‘hard border’ is a necessity”, Have Your Say, May 30

Allow me to start with an often-repeated mantra of mine: Every contributor has the democratic right of opinion, and with it the right to have his or her views published in this newspaper – subject to editorial discretion, of course. This, naturally, includes those with whom I happen to disagree.
Subsequently, I have to admit I was tickled pink by Nigel Pike’s seeming inability to avoid slighting those whose moral and civilised views, natural instincts or human qualities bifurcate sharply from his own. Take this, as an example: “Ireland’s ‘homosexual’ premier of ‘foreign’ origin...” A double whammy, if ever there was one. Two “crimes”, all rolled into one. 
Then there’s this priceless plutonium-tipped gem: “The major cities are already suffering escalating ‘migrant’ crime like those of Western Europe.” Ireland is a part of Western Europe, incidentally. 
Later in the same letter, incredibly, he hypocritically accuses Ian Martin of being a “Project Fear” commentator. You couldn’t invent it. 
Way to go Nigel, I can often count on you to curdle my breakfast milk. 
Dr Frank


Published : June 04, 2019