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SUNDAY, September 25, 2022
Education is the bomb ticking behind the junta’s back 

Education is the bomb ticking behind the junta’s back 

THURSDAY, June 06, 2019
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Re: “Predicting winners difficult, identifying the loser easy”, Opinion & Analysis, June 5.

Wednesday’s “Stoppage Time” column is a noteworthy commentary with an insightful conclusion: “The real ‘losers’ are smart, but they are bitter too.” 
“Smart” Thais may have lost today but they need only play the long game to rid themselves of this miserable, self-seeking military dictatorship for good, and the social and economic dysfunction that goes with it. 
The Democrat lot, with the stark exception of Abhisit Vejjajiva and some 16-18 of his more principled cohorts, sold out their constituency for a few portfolio places. The Democrat Party’s payoff for this treachery will come at another place and time. Voters will surely remember this betrayal, and in time they will be given the opportunity to respond to it. 
While many despair at the prospect of true democracy ever emerging out of this corrupt chaos, I remain optimistic. Ignorance is slowly overcome by education, and with experience and time the “smart” Thai people will see this junta for what it truly is – a harsh military dictatorship – and will inevitably prevail against it.