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SUNDAY, October 02, 2022
British people weren’t fooled by ‘Don the Conman’

British people weren’t fooled by ‘Don the Conman’

WEDNESDAY, June 12, 2019
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Re: “Globalist’s horde of losers greet a winner in London”, Have Your Say, June 6.

JC Wilcox writes about the United Kingdom as though he lives there. He tells us about this “new” nation of “socialist losers”, a term taken straight from his hero and “new sheriff in town” Trump’s handbook of peevishly mendacious tripe, of which there are now 10,000-plus verifiable dollops. Trump is a man, remember, who contrived to accomplish the remarkable feat of losing money on a casino venture, and who has suffered bankruptcy more than once. As we know, this “winner” managed to lose an election by over 3 million votes, but “won” thanks to an archaic political mechanism. 
In his latest diatribe, JC also mocks those with the intellectual wherewithal – the aforementioned socialist losers – to call Trump out for what he is. Presumably, he includes the likes of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan – whom Trump branded “nasty” – as disgruntled, envious hoi polloi too. The capacity for independent thought was very much in evidence on the streets of London, when tens of thousands of decent folk expressed outrage at the visit of this self-serving, acquisitive creature.
JC compounds his detachment from reality when he writes that these protesters are “programmed”. In truth, such morality comes not from a crib sheet but from conscience. The majority of Americans know this, but Mr Wilcox has yet to grasp what is really going on. Let us fervently hope his personal light bulb eventually switches on.
Dr Frank