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FRIDAY, October 07, 2022
Greenpeace, stick with pollution not globalist politics

Greenpeace, stick with pollution not globalist politics

TUESDAY, June 25, 2019

Re: “Asean Framework fails to protect SE Asia from plastic tsunami”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

It is encouraging to read that Greenpeace is campaigning about plastic pollution, the evidence for which is ample and visible. Unfortunately, it is also involved in the nonsense of protesting man-made climate change – most recently by gate-crashing a political meeting in London.
Both history and science show this political scam to be untrue and educationally irresponsible.
On the other hand imposing tough laws on all marine traffic, cruise ships and cargo vessels et al, while ensuring all waste is disposed of on land not at sea, would help prevent the destruction of life in our oceans. Decades ago people traditionally went shopping with their own bags, into which were tipped their loose purchases. Fruit and veg was tipped into the bags direct from the retailer’s scales and any bags used were of paper not plastic. Reintroduce this practice and the plastic problem would be well on the way to being solved.
History shows climate change to be as old as the planet, long before the existence of Homo sapiens. CO2 is a natural gas, much of which is stored in the sea, and is the basis of all life on earth. It is an essential food for plant life: the more CO2, the greener the planet. Greenpeace would do well to stick to pollution while teaching children the scientific truth that the sun controls our climate and without CO2 all life would cease to exist. To be used as an agent for globalist politics – and to convince the population of the need for a one-world government to solve the world’s problems – is paradoxically evil.
JC Wilcox