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Penis size: How do Southeast Asians measure up?

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Thai men have the fifth-longest penises among Southeast Asians, according to the WorldData.info survey. The average length of a Thai male’s erect penis is 11.45 centimetres, the survey reports.

Among Southeast Asians, Indonesians have the longest penises at 11.67cm, while Cambodian men have the shortest at 10.04 centimetres. Cambodian men also have the shortest average penis length among men worldwide.

The longest penises in the world?

That distinction goes to men for Ecuador, who measure an average 17.61cm. Following close behind is Cameroon (16.67cm) and Bolivia (16.51cm).

The data for the survey skips self-reported measurements, which are notoriously inaccurate, and instead uses information from scientific studies of penis length across the world.

Penis size: How do Southeast Asians measure up?

Published : July 22, 2021

By : The Nation