FRIDAY, April 19, 2024

KTC offers special discount deals on pet-related products and services

KTC offers special discount deals on pet-related products and services

Credit-card company Krungthai Card Pcl (KTC) is targeting the growing pet industry by forming partnerships with hotels, shopping centres, hospitals, and insurance providers.

Thailand’s pet industry is the second largest in Asia behind China, worth 39.1 billion baht in 2023. The pet food industry in Thailand has been growing steadily at an average rate of 10% each year since 2011. The Ministry of Commerce has predicted market value to reach 66.784 billion baht by 2026, opening opportunities for businesses to assimilate into the growing sector.

Given this growth trajectory, KTC has plans to collaborate with Standard Huahin, Central Pattana Pcl, Thonglor International Pet Hospital, and Dhipaya Insurance Pcl to offer exclusive customer privileges to those who participate in KTC card activities.

At a press conference hosted by KTC, Sukanya Viriyathanaporn, director of sales and marketing at The Standard Huahin, highlighted Thailand’s declining birth rate because of more families opting not to have children. In an ageing society, single people or individuals who did not want the responsibility of having children were adopting pets, such as cats, dogs, rabbits and even exotic animals, she said.

The demography of people who own pets continued to expand, and various industries including hospitality, insurance, department stores and healthcare saw an opportunity to draw pet owners and gain more revenue, she said.


Sukanya added that hotels were now adapting to accommodate pet owners by offering additional amenities such as a designated playing area, a pet relief zone, pet beds, and other outdoor equipment.

Kwan Kaew Sirijinda, head of asset commercialising at Central Pattana Pcl, said they were striving to make shopping along with pets more accessible by providing more pet-friendly zones in dining establishments, establishing designated areas for pets to relieve themselves, and loosening protocols that restrict animals in certain areas.

The Thonglor Animal Hospital said it had expanded its comprehensive range of services, including clinics, hotels, and products tailored to suit various lifestyles. Nawaporn said that the hospital was using innovative and sustainable approaches to product manufacturing, such as producing cat litter from cassava, a biodegradable material.

Nattapol Angkavanich, the director of the business development and marketing department at Diphaya Insurance Pcl, said the insurance company was offering pet insurance specifically tailored for dogs and cats, covering a range of expenses including veterinary medical care, third-party liabilities, funeral costs, and more.

KTC said its card holders would receive 30% discounts on purchases of pet-related products and services.