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Stick to your guns, Somkid

Aug 29. 2015
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Re: Govt to revive OTOP and Village Fund schemes.
It is appropriate that Somkid Jarusripitak should pursue the laudable programmes he started to benefit the lower income people in Thailand. The fact that such programmes were used to attract MPs from all around the towns and cities, which did not benefit as much or at all, to join Thai Rak Thai in 2000, capped by the pronouncement of the “Village Fund”, which was to “give” one million baht to each village (with enough time for MPs to switch to TRT before the 2004 election) should not detract from social benefits which the programmes can bring about.
At a time when the Constitution writers and others are trying to block “populist” policies and with a parliament committed to leave the scene at the appropriate time, getting a full social programme set into the constitution now is a great idea. 
Setting the scene to thwart corruption will still be the bugbear to returning to “normal”.
Richard Bowler

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