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Speaking on behalf of compatriots

Sep 04. 2015
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Re: "If America had minded its own business, human trafficking would be worse", Letters, September 3.
Eric Bahrt wrote: “Vint also denies that he looks down on Thais who disagree with him. But when he says ‘literate’ and ‘educated’ people agree with him, doesn’t he insinuate that those who think otherwise are illiterate and uneducated?”  
This is not only unfair to me but also way out of context. Every country must have people who know better than others to speak out for its benefit as well as in its defence. There is nothing wrong with Thais like me speaking up for Thailand, or when Eric Bahrt speaks up for the US, his homeland.
However, I have to ask Eric: When you depict Thais who love their country but disagree with your ideas as “clowns” and “spoilt brats”, what do you have in mind?
Vint Chavala

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