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If Pheu Thai says the charter is bad, it must be pretty good

Sep 05. 2015
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Re: "We need a coalition government: Anek", Politics, August 24.
While it is clear that Constitution Drafting Committee member Anek Laothamatas understands what the problems have been in government, a coalition administration is not a solution. The failure of the previous UK government is an example of what goes wrong in a forced coalition. Previous Thai coalitions have been worse.
What is needed is a strong open government, a strong and committed opposition, and a robust Parliament to thoroughly debate the issues in the public domain. The prime minister must be available to answer questions in the House and members of Parliament need to be available to their constituents for praise or censure. Governing behind closed doors and under the table needs to be a thing of the past.
Corruption needs to be weeded out. Politicians need to be adequately rewarded and not subject to handouts by their party. MPs need to observe their party rules but their loyalty should be to their constituents.
Pheu Thai claims this is the worst charter ever. That’s the best endorsement I have seen for the charter so far.
Richard Bowler

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