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The rocker returns

Oct 30. 2015
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By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

Thaneth Warakulnukroh puts on two sold-out shows
SONGWRITER, musician, and artist Thaneth “Eak” Warakulnukroh made an awesome comeback to the stage last week, performing back-to-back concerts and selling out the Thailand Cultural Centre on both nights.
Fans rose to the occasion, loudly applauding the interesting rearrangements of his smash hits and welcoming his new songs with open arms.
“This concert is just a foretaste of my new album. I have no idea how long it will take me to complete, perhaps as long as one or two years like my previous concept album, ‘Khon Khien Pleng Banleng Cheewit’ back in 1987,” Thaneth told the audience.
Cheers and screams filled the hall as the first sax notes of “Ploe” (“Unconscious”), his second new single, rang out. And the audience screamed even louder as Atiwara "Toon" Kongmalai of Bodyslam appeared on stage to perform “Dan Siwilai Part 1” quickly followed by Thanachai “Pod” Ujjin of Moderndog on “Dee Jai”, both hit numbers from Thaneth’s first album in 1985.
“It has been such a long time. I think of all of you a lot,” said Thaneth when the screams had died down. “I selected ‘Dee Jai’ as it represents my feelings now. It is the most appropriate song to perform after a 23-year gap. Previously, this song was about my personal feelings for someone special. Now it also symbolises Pod’s feeling as a fan of mine.”
“In 1985, I was a Mathayom 2 and remembering being stunned by Phi Eak’s first album ‘Dan Siwilai’ and it’s really avant-garde language and music,” Pod added.
Thaneth dubbed the next set of songs “Illusion”, bringing to the stage “Mai Roo Rue Ngai … Oy” sung by Tul Waitoonkiat of Apartment Khunpa, “Mae Sang Wai” by Suthita “Image” Chanachaisuwan and “Ther Part 1” by Aphiwat “Stamp” Eurthavornsuk. 
 The selection ended with “Rao Mai Khoei Rak Kan”, which saw Thaneth chanting rather than singing as the giant screens showed people arguing, fighting and apparently killing each other as progressive music blared in the background. I was reminded for a moment of a Pink Floyd gig.
The next set, called “Narok” (Hell), rocked the audience with “Khong Mai” featuring Labanoon, “Buea Khon Bon” featuring Labanoon, Big Ass, and Stamp, “Yak Ok Pai Khuen Nee” by Image, Big Ass, Stamp and Labanoon, “Narok Na Nanna” by Jeng of Big Ass and Methee of Labanoon, and “Dontri”, performed by Jeng and Methee with Pod on lead vocals.
Thaneth again surprised the audience with peaceful songs based on Dharma teachings such as “Wang” (“Emptiness”), his first new single and “Mak 8” (“Noble Eightfold Path”), in which he chanted all eight elements of the path as Pod, Toon and a choir from Ramkhamhaeng University provided the supporting vocals.
The concert was brought to a |close with a set of smash hits – “Tham Jai Lam Bak”, “Sam Term”, “Aik Noi Ther Khong Khao Jai” – that saw the audience singing along loudly and happily.

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