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Patriotic fever can cause blindness, deafness

Dec 07. 2015
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Re: "UK attitude to Siam's role in WWII was vindictive", Letters, December 5.

Despite an explicit statement from me dissociating myself from people who blame Thailand for the fall of Singapore, Songdej Pradismanont continues to insist I hold these beliefs. This is defamatory.

Would he be satisfied if I swore an affidavit before the full bench of the high court of Thailand? I doubt it, for there are some mean-spirited people who have a character flaw that prohibits them from ever admitting that they are wrong or may have made a mistake.

On top of that, Songdej now describes me as “pompous” and “mean” for daring to express the opinion that Thailand was not neutral during WWII. Yet he also acknowledges that Thailand was not neutral.

If Songdej continues to hear and see things that others cannot, I suggest he seek psychiatric help.

Alternatively, he could set up shop as a soothsayer. There are many people in Thailand who pay good money to hear the demented ramblings of men who claim to hear and see things that others cannot.

Songdej can send further letters if he likes, but this is my last on this subject.

David Brown

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