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The truth behind Obama’s utopian future

Jan 13. 2016
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With his State of The Union address on Tuesday, President Obama would have us believe that the US is well on its way towards a becoming utopian state thanks to his government’s actions over the last seven years. The true state of the union, however, is it
Even as the president spoke, 10 American seamen were being held by Iranian authorities, adding to the five hostages already detained. In his speech Obama referred to the “success” of the Iran deal, but not to the hostages, five of whom have been in long-term incarceration.
Terrorism was mentioned several times, but not its perpetrators. Terrorism is merely a tactic employed by people with an agenda, motivated by an ideology. Terrorists worldwide claim to be acting in the name of Islam. This is their self-declared motivation. It’s not a matter of opinion. At the same time, Obama’s only reference to Islam was to call it one of the world’s great religions. It is this contradiction which must be faced and resolved, not swept under the carpet.
Rather than address the root cause of this worldwide threat, the priority was given to naturally recurring climate change – a distraction from reality.
The address came over as sugar-coated rhetoric to appease the already tranquillised. What happens in the US has ramifications for the world at large. If it’s government is in self-denial and not even prepared to identify the greatest threat to democratic Western civilisation, there can be no solution. We are paying a heavy price now and will continue to do so. So much for the utopian future.
JC Wilcox 

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