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American influence, red shirts and red herrings

Mar 24. 2016
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Re: “Tentacles of US interference stretch from Cuba to Thailand”, Letters, March 23.
It strikes me that A Johnsen is a very appropriate name for someone who sees an American conspiracy behind every door. In his last letter he managed to rope together Julian Assange, “Ladies in White” in Cuba, “American officials” in Isaan calling on Camisas de Roja (red shirts), and more. 
Mr Johnsen seems to be privy to a lot of top-secret information. This surprises me, since I suspect the writer is not A Johnsen, but rather a Khun Nai.
It is true that America sticks its nose in a lot of places it doesn’t belong. However, I don’t see American officials flooding “red-shirt villages” in Isaan. If you do, A Johnsen, I suggest you get A Pair of Glasses and A New Moniker.
John Arnone

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