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Outsiders have no business meddling in US gun rights

Jun 20. 2016
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I am outraged when ignorant British journalists chastise Americans for their gun-control policies.
It was the brutal and cruel British colonial occupation that solidified the American right to bear arms as inalienable and second only in importance to the freedoms of religion and speech in the minds of undoubtedly the most brilliant men ever assembled for a single purpose. These included George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin. Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and the greatest thinker on freedom at the time, was representing the newly free colony in France in preparation for a feared British invasion. 
The outcome of the founding fathers’ unbelievably brave actions, which risked their own and their families’ lives, speaks for itself. Knowing this history, no intelligent journalist can question the judgement of these men, and nor should they cavalierly exploit mass shootings to attack those enumerated rights. These sensationalising paparazzi spread irrational fears in people for a threat that, though incredibly tragic, is small. 
Many of us from families that have shed blood across the globe – and especially on European soil – in defence of freedom are appalled and offended at this meddling in our affairs. This, like Brexit is for the British, is a US constitutional issue, solely for Americans to grapple with as we move forward in our great political experiment. It certainly is not the business of uninformed foreign politicians, pundits and talking heads.
H Swint Friday

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