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Mere posturing between gun atrocities

Jun 28. 2016
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Re: “Outsiders have no business meddling in US gun rights”, Letters, June 21.
H Swint Friday’s outrage at a British journalist’s criticism of US gun-control policies seems odd, given that the US is not backward in meddling with other countries affairs. For evidence, there’s no need to look further than our own corner of Asia. 
Sure, Americans gave their lives in many countries around the globe, as did many citizens from much smaller countries. Unfortunately Mr Friday only sees US contributions and gives no credit to other countries. 
Other countries see the US as lagging in efforts to control high-powered assault weapons, and despite its constitution permitting the right to bear arms, it is the National Rifle Association and weapons manufacturers who seem to have the most sway over US lawmakers. 
Observers are mostly commenting based on what other countries have done to control these types of incidents. US citizens ought to bring about changes to give citizens the same safety as other countries have. So far there hasn’t been much forward movement on this issue, and sometimes it’s good to look at how others have handled issues of their own. 
But H Swint Friday seems content to carry on as before – outrage and sorrow when loss of lives occurs, and then life goes on again unchanged – just posturing until the next incident!
Ray Gregory

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