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Murky police investigations so rarely find mastermind

Sep 01. 2016
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Many people have put forward theories on the identity of those behind the Mother’s Day bombings.
The United States even felt the need to dismiss claims that it was involved. “Any suggestion that the US in any way supported these cowardly acts of violence is both ridiculous and reckless,” the Bangkok embassy wrote (“Accusing US of complicity in bombings is reckless and ridiculous”, Letters, August 23).
Many didn’t like it when their guy or guys were mentioned as possible suspects, without evidence. They then expressed great relief when local men were detained – despite no evidence being made public, once again. With no proof as to who financed and masterminded the well-coordinated bomb attacks, it appears that only the “pawns” have been caught. 
Why is it that we never get to know about the masterminds and financiers of repeated deadly violence here? Or are we supposed to believe that those responsible are always just “little guys”?
A Johnsen

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