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Abortion should not even be considered in Zika issue

Sep 29. 2016
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As Zika spreads through Southeast Asia, Malaysia is considering authorising the abortion of foetuses in mothers infected by the virus. This would be a drastic and unwarranted move.
The Health Ministry has itself stated that the estimated risk of the unborn child developing microcephaly (abnormally small skull size) through their Zika-infected mothers is only between 1 and 5 per cent. Babies with mild microcephaly often do not experience any other problem besides their small head size. These babies will need routine check-ups to monitor their growth and development. For more severe microcephaly, babies will need care and treatment focused on managing their other health problems. Developmental services early in life will often help babies with microcephaly to improve and maximise their physical and intellectual abilities. 
Abortion of the foetus of a Zika-infected mother is not the solution. 
Kenneth Wong
(From The Star/ANN)

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