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US patriotism has been gutted under Obama

Oct 05. 2016
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Re: “ Less than 1 per cent of US citizens defend their country”, Letters, October 2.
There would seem to be a fundamental lack of national pride in the United States. It is exactly this that Donald Trump has identified and is working to revive. 
Over the last eight years of the current US regime, political correctness has suppressed freedom of expression, the military has been decimated, the national debt has increased and demand for food stamps has risen in line with growing poverty and homelessness. The American spirit has been suppressed with Marxist culture and negative leadership. 
Furthermore, the Department of Justice and the FBI have made nonsense of the American justice system with their handling of the Clinton Foundation and e-mail affairs by submitting to blatant collusion between the attorney general, the FBI director and a former president. When the president ignores Congress and abuses executive orders to impose his will on the country, there is little left of a democratic system of government of which to be proud. 
There is a plethora of incriminating evidence against Clinton’s activities as secretary of state and with the Clinton Foundation. In spite of this, President Obama is actively campaigning for Clinton to be the next occupant of the White House, thereby raising doubts about his right to be there in the first place.
However, the lack of respect for the Obama leadership extends beyond national borders, it is internationally apparent in the UK, China, Russia, Iran and even Thailand. Left-wing policies level down, not up, and left-wing globalism destroys the nation-state and with it patriotism. That is why there’s little respect for the national anthem. 
“We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars,” said Oscar Wilde. Americans are a great people, but they need to start looking at the stars again and follow the philosophy of Abraham Lincoln, not that of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.
JC Wilcox

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