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A radical solution for US division

Nov 07. 2016
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CNN reported on Sunday night that the FBI has cleared Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing – again!

Understandably this is drawing heavy criticism from the Trump campaign, with the clearance coming in the final days of the presidential campaign. It could revitalise Clinton’s sagging appeal among independent voters and those Democrats who had decided to stay home on Election Day. Understandably too, the Trump campaign will denounce this latest FBI decision not only as a fraud but also as evidence that the whole system is rigged.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans are known to have committed electoral fraud before. Remember John Kennedy in 1960 and George W Bush in 2000?

I say that, regardless of the election’s outcome, the best solution for both candidates would be to split the presidential tenure in half and take two years each. Only in this way can America avoid the great political division that will follow the vote. It has never happened before, is not in line with the US constitution and may sound ludicrous, but it is worth looking at right now if the outcome should be too close for comfort.

Prachyadavi Tavedikul


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