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Attack on street vendors: another classic own goal?

Apr 23. 2017
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The mobile food vendors, those with a pushcart or moto-trike, who ply the soi should be allowed, but those with semi permanent set-ups with chairs and tables blocking the footpath should go.

I know of a few who have lock-ups built on the footpath to store their equipment after hours. After all they are street vendors not footpath vendors.


Perhaps better to enforce/strengthen the existing clean-food campaign, instead of generating bad-publicity worldwide, by planning to ban street-food in Bangkok? 

Talk about shooting oneself in-the-foot, while placing the foot firmly in one's mouth! Thailand, Hub of Own-Goals?


I’ve never had any problem with street food as far as health issues are concerned. If you don’t think the food is prepared or kept properly, move on to another vendor or go eat in some supposedly hygienic restaurant. 

One of the nice things about food vendors is that they can be found in so many places. Herding them into certain areas would defeat their convenient availability. Over-regulation by government is something being opposed in most countries. Enforcement is rarely consistent, which leads to more corruption and benefits no one.  If someone is not providing good food, they’ll lose business. Customer feedback would be more effective than hiring people to go around pretending to inspect every vendor. 


Definitely. A ban would force potential tourists to visit other countries.  Who needs millions of foreign tourists coming to Thailand just for street food? Oh yeah ... the Thai economy and all the businesses that depend on them. The people who mould Thai policies seem to have 20/20 vision... When it comes to shooting themselves in the foot.


Just provide a regulated space and ban hawking outside them. Something like the Thepprasit night market in Pattaya, which is now a pleasure to shop for food in, after they cleaned it up.

Dr Tuner/ThaiVisa

There needs to be controls. Do not ban street food but require hygiene inspections. For example, the vendor leaving meat under the sun for hours should get a heavy fine.


Areas should be set aside for street food but not on pavements. Its like a free for all at the moment. Seems like its controlled by the local mafia.

Chicken George/ThaiVisa

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