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The ugly face of Thai ‘justice’

Apr 28. 2017
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Re: “‘Boss’ faces arrest warrant after another no-show in hit-and-run case from 2012”, The Nation, yesterday.

The entire F1 Red Bull Racing team and anyone else who accepts sponsorship from this organisation should hang their heads in shame!


Does anyone really think he would have shown up at the police station to face the charges?

And it took 5 years to get to this point. There is something seriously wrong with the Thai judicial system.

Just like Thaksin, this guy is never going to answer for the death of this cop. 

Now you know why Thais do not trust the system and there is so much corruption. 

Who would respect a system where criminals at this level flout it?  No one.


His family has billions.

He has passports from other countries besides Thailand.

He will have a compound built in every country that does not extradite.

Or live on a family member’s yacht.

2027 he walks.


Very few countries actually have extradition treaties with Thailand.

Having the death sentence (potentially) often impedes extradition; the crime simply has to have the death sentence as an option.

Making his travel and life more challenging seems worth the effort: pull passport(s) (Yes, he can buy others), Red Notice on Interpol, shame/boycott/protest Red Bull and their other F1 sponsors.

Assume we won’t be seeing this (inset) again anytime soon? 

If we do, hopefully Max Varstappen doesn’t clip any policemen.



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