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Hospital bombing was terrorist attack, not political dissent

May 25. 2017
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Re: “Hospital blast exposes junta’s frailty”, The Nation editorial, May 24. 

Power should never be given to people who blow up hospitals, I prefer the junta any day, and every day.

We should never forget the chaos that preceded the military taking over the nation.


Yeap, Thailand is already a suppressed enough society. Keep eroding any of the few freedoms they do enjoy and it will only get worse. The worst thing is that the people in charge have no idea how to rule and have zero interest in learning. 


Since this is the same junta government that promised stability as the reason for staging a coup, they should now resign en bloc, bow to the country in shame and admit they failed. 

Eric Loh

Terrorism knows no boundaries or divisions, whether under an elected govt or a junta. Monday saw an attack on a Thai hospital in a country under junta rule, Tuesday (Thai time) brought an attack on concert-goers in Manchester in the UK, a democracy under an elected parliament.

These terrorists are just that, terrorists – people with no conscience or concern for anybody other than themselves. The world has become a sad place.

Despite world leaders and politicians “huffing and puffing” about peace and stamping out terrorism, it just continues because no one stops the money flow to these terror groups! 


“If the generals were more tolerant of dissent, perhaps we’d see fewer violent expressions of umbrage”

Nonsense, there is plenty of dissent which is tolerated in the Thai media – what exactly do you call this article and others like it on Khaosod etc?

Only recently Thaksin was threatening legal action for anyone daring to suggest he was involved in a bombing … so it seems the red shirts only like freedom of speech when it suits their agenda.



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