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Why knowledge of the past is important

Jul 30. 2017
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Re: “Obsessing over end of the world can lead to dementia” July 21, The Nation

“Academic learning” is theoretical with no practical or useful bearing. On the other hand, historical research enriches the intellect; it gives a guide to who we are, where we are and to where we are going. 

Knowledge of the past is the root system of the tree of civilisation that offers the protection and allows the freedom we are fortunate to enjoy. Our treasured tree is Western civilisation embodying Christian values. To not make the effort to keep the roots alive is tantamount to killing the tree. Equally, to allow an alien ideology to sever or poison the roots will ensure its demise.

Barry Kenyon would be well-advised to study the decline and fall of the Roman empire as he may just begin to see the parallel with current reality. It depends whether he is able intellectually to regard it as historical research applicable to the present time or discards it as “academic learning” as he suggests. 

The Roman empire rotted from within through hedonism and lack of discipline before the invasion by the Germanics from the North. Currently Western civilisation is rotting from within for the same reasons and suffering an Islamic invasion from the East.

Just a thought, perhaps academic learning causes Alzheimer’s because it serves no purpose, there is no ‘end product’ to fulfil and satisfy the mind. With his attitude to historical research, Mr Kenyon may well be at risk.

JC Wilcox

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