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Going nuts for almonds

Aug 01. 2017
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By The Nation

The past few months have witnessed a soaring popularity in almond milk and the almond-growing agricultural cooperative based in Sacramento, California, Blue Diamond Growers, has jumped on the market with Almond Breeze.

Bangkok as well as other urban hotspots around Thailand are going through a clean-food trend with consumers wanting to know where their food comes from, what the ingredients are and the calorie and fat content too yet without giving up on easy access and convenience.

This phenomenon is becoming evident in other parts of the world too, with a Blue Diamond survey in the UK revealing that 12 per cent of adults are planning to try a dairy-free diet this year, with many switching to a vegan diet for the first time. More than 80 per cent of those surveyed said they felt they were stuck in a dietary rut and wanted to make big changes to what they consume. 

New Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is suitable for vegans as its provides a crucial source of calcium and is both tasty and nutritious. 

Almond Breeze is also good for those who suffer from lactose intolerance or, potentially more seriously, allergies to dairy products. The almond milk drink is creamy but has zero-cholesterol and is low in calories and fat.

Californian almonds, which are renowned for their quality, sweetness and depth of flavour, come from trees grown in nutrient-rich soils with water that runs down from the mountains.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is manufactured in Thailand in partnership with Heritage Group, a Thai leading producer of premium natural snacks and foods and wholesaler and exporter of nuts, dried fruits and juices.

As well as being a refreshing beverage, Almond Breeze is a good ingredient in healthy recipes. Chef Pol Tantasatien recommends how and what to cook t Blue Diamond Almond Breeze’s page on Facebook as well as at www.BlueDiamond.com.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze is available in Original, Unsweetened, Chocolate and Vanilla versions and can be found at Gourmet market , Home Fresh Mart, Villa Market, Tops Supermarket, Foodland and Rimping. It’sa priced at Bt20 for a 180-ml carton and Bt99 for a 946-ml carton.


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