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Slumbering, Swedish style

Aug 04. 2017
 Scandinavian Modern mixes vivid colours to add joyful elements to a room.
Scandinavian Modern mixes vivid colours to add joyful elements to a room.
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Ikea makes the bedroom a fun place to hang out

LEADING SWEDISH furniture and home furnishings retailer Ikea turns the spotlight on the bedroom this month, suggesting a Scandinavian makeover for a cosy and relaxing ambience that matches the modern lifestyle. 

With its roots in Swedish home furnishings, Scandinavian elegance has become synonymous with Ikea’s identity with furniture and accessories catering to those with both traditional and modern tastes. 

The new Scandinavian Modern range brings the simplicity of design traditions to life and integrates them with everyday functionality, with light hues colour accents creating more playful designs.

 Scandinavian Modern mixes vivid colours to add joyful elements to a room.

This style fits well with modern families as generous space around properly positioned furniture creates a light and airy feeling. Striking textiles convey an optimistic feel against a light base of natural wood. The design concept reflects a multi-functional, playful, innovative, smart, and flexible design to make the most of your space.

The colouring technique used to decorate a bedroom is a mix of bright and vivid colours to add joyful elements. Materials such as natural wood fibres and wool express simplicity and, when combined, create a classic Swedish mood and tone. Blond wood is also prominent, and often combined with other materials like plastic, metal, or paper. Adding bright colours and unique patterns to a white base and blond wood creates a playful, modern Scandinavian look.

The cool tone of blue bed sheets can help you sleep better.

In addition, Ikea is sharing some great bedroom decorating tips with urban residents who live in limited spaces, providing the perfect proportions for a more personal and relaxing area, with every element of leisure.

>>> Use the cool tone of blue bed sheets to sleep better. Several pillows on your bed will also provide more comfort and relaxation. 

>>> Cabinets can help you with storage solutions, while wall shelves allow for more functionality. For a room with limited space, a side desk can be placed in the corner to serve as a small work area.

>>> Each layer of Ikea’s two-layer curtains offers a different function. By the window, the opaque or transparent outer layer provides protection from the heat and enables airflow, while the pattern on the inner, more visible layer enhances the atmosphere in the room and provides additional control over access to sunlight. 

>>> Curtains can also be used to separate the area between your wardrobe and bed, making your room even better organised and providing a sense of privacy.

>>> Storage boxes under your bed allow you to make full use of your space for storage solutions, Ikea’s Malm bed is a classic example. 

Check out these and much more at Ikea Mega Bangna.

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