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Islamic State being legitimised, aided by media coverage

Aug 28. 2017
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The sight of vehicles mowing through crowds to deadly effect prompts the question, where did the mentally defective perpetrators get the idea? 

One answer is, from all the media coverage of the London, Nice, Berlin, Stockholm and other attacks.

What do the terrorist psychopaths want?    

Maximum publicity, and their claims of “responsibility” broadcast around the world along with their self-declared status as the “Islamic State” – not a gang of murderous, torturing, raping paedophiles.

They want their gutless murderers to be referred to as “soldiers” or “fighters”, and the names of their “martyrs” to be spread by the world’s media.

Surely it would be a better idea for everyone to, first of all, condemn the perpetrators as gullible mental defectives who have been brainwashed by deviant psychopaths.

Secondly, force all social media providers to remove all content that does anything to encourage terrorism or teaches anything of use to terrorists – for example bomb-making and how criminal attacks were solved.

Thirdly, oblige all media outlets to stop aiding the terrorists by helping spread their propaganda and echoing their calls for attacks by “lone wolves” – aka sad losers and social rejects.

SD Little

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