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Making the music speak

Sep 14. 2017
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By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

Cat Radio paints a bright picture of Thailand’s music industry at its upcoming expo

Cat Expo, which claims to be the biggest music market in the Asean Economic Community, returns in November for a fourth edition on the theme “Khon Lek Pleng To” (“Small Artist, Great Song”). 

Taking place at its usual venue –Wonder World Amusement Park on RamIndra Road KM10 – it aims to draw even bigger crowds than in previous years.

“It has been growing every year,” confirms Pongnarin “Jong” Ulice, programme director of Cat Radio as online radio station. “Last year some of the stages drew audiences of more than 5,000 fans eager to catch sets by Greasy Cafe, Jelly Rocket and Soul After Six, amongst others.


“For this year, I’ve chosen a theme that I think reflects musical works. Most of us have our favourite artists and songs and these usually are an indication of our lifestyle. An artist is a small person doing the work he or she loves and believes in. And if his or her music is successful, it will inspire others, hence the ‘great song’,” he continues.

“We have 120 bands contributing to the expo this year and we will again support their music in the physical format of a compact disc. I believe people are still willing to pay for music. We saw this at the second expo where even unknown acts were able to sell 1,500 copies of their CDs for Bt500, while music labels went home with more than Bt1 million. And Pongnarin is urging music lovers to do the same thing this year. 


“If you are a loyal fan of your favourite artist, please support him or her by buying the CD. Don’t worry that other people will consider you old-fashioned. Cat Expo is really a reflection of Thailand’s music industry from popular to indie artists and it offers a variety of music from little known artists like Inspirative and My Life As Ali Thomas to easy-listening pop by the likes of POP and BNK48.”

The event will feature five stages which will be shared by more than 100 artists including Stamp, Tattoo Colour, Armchair, Paradox, Scrubb, Lomosonic, Hugo, POP, V Violette, The Toys, Noi Pru, Flure, T-Bone, Greasy Cafe, Pae Arak and the Pisat Band, Wan Thanakrit, Saliva Bastards, The Richman Toy, Boy Trai, Brandnew Sunset, Yellow Fang, Yokee Playboy, Desktop Error, Soundlanding, Ink Waruntorn, Jelly Rocket, My Life as Ali Thomas, Temp, X0809, SOLE, Image Suthita, Chanudom, Telex Telexs, Superbaker, Monomania, Inspirative, Bomb At Track, Moving and Cut, Lukpeach, Mean, Nap A Lean, Seal Pillow, Summer Dress, Electric.Neon.Lamp, Max Jenmana, Yada “Petite” Gomez, Slojoe, Helmetheads, Summer Stop, The Jukks, Phum Viphurit, Dead Flowers, Penny Time, Zero Hero, Two Pills After Meal, De Flamingo, Brown Flying, Hers, Whal & Dolph, Tabasco, Chart Suchart and many more including some international acts.


“Cat Expo is special because it brings more than 100 bands playing a variety of genres to a single event. It’s also a music market and gives an idea of what’s going on in the music circle. This year we are introducing an art zone. We’ve also invited writers and illustrators to take part in our handmade book segment. Above all, this upcoming music festival will make people happy,” Pongnarin says. 

“Cat Expo is like a supermarket that sells a variety of products. One of them is bound to draw your attention.”

In addition to the shows, Cat Expo 4 is a great place to snap up a few bargains as bands and solo artists sell new and rare musical works in cassette tape, CD and vinyl format. 



- “Cat Expo” takes place on November 25 and 26. It runs from 5 to 11.30pm on both days. 

- Tickets costing Bt1,500 for two days are now available at Thai Ticket Major outlets and at

- Find out more at and


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