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Zuckerberg would be wise to stay away from Thailand 

Oct 20. 2017
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Re: “Why Zuckerberg needs to come here”, Nation editorial, yesterday.

Yes, Mr Social Media, come here to this fantastic “nexus”. A land where you can spend zero days in jail for murder and huge fraud, etc, but can be imprisoned for years for online comments. 

And if that doesn’t wet your whistle, the PM would save a huge amount of face if you’d help him out with his little fib. 

Orton Rd

How can Thailand be a hub for regional business when hardly any Thai website, including official ones, works properly?


Be patient, the upgrade to “Vista” is coming...

Samui Bodoh

If Thailand wants to be the “hub” of Internet commerce (and it wants to be the hub of EVERYTHING), then it is time for the boys in green to get out of the way. Who would trust Thai laws and their enforcement on the Net for their business? Thailand, if you want to be an Internet hub, you need to make a few changes...


Any meeting will likely be to discuss Thai requirements for censorship of content and procedures for disclosing identities of offenders. Zuckerberg would be smart to stay away.


No company in the known universe will set up any Internet infrastructure in a country that blocks, censors and controls Internet access.

Facebook wouldn’t leave a laptop here as infrastructure. The government has blocked it several times during coups, etc.

E-commerce hub? All good unless you want to use the 

E-commerce platform to buy a subscription to the Daily Mail or an adult video.


As to why Zuckerberg would come here – money of course. As to why the Thai govt might be interested in him, perhaps they can get Zuckerberg to do some of their censorship work for them.


Wow, the single gateway is going to be busy if all this cool stuff happens! And let’s hope the servers are not in the basement or on the first floor. Oh, and the power needs to stay on all the time.



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