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E-vehicle charging stations not ‘green’ if plugged into coal plants

Nov 10. 2017
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Re: “150 charging stations to be opened next year”, The Nation, November 9. 

Great to see some movement being made on this! We need real private investment in this. Visiting the UK earlier this year, charging stations are very noticeable there now. Thailand, stop sitting on your hands, and really get this going! 


Electric vehicles would lead to more carnage on Thai roads as you wouldn’t be able to hear the vehicles approaching. Especially dangerous for pedestrians crossing roads.


This is a real step in the right direction. Thailand is perhaps 10-20 years behind the curve when it comes to alternative energy, environmental policy and moving into the future in a sustainable fashion. This might be a good first step to encourage the production of electric or hybrid vehicles here. They stopped production on the Prius in Thailand, probably due to it being severely overpriced.  


I was in Europe this summer and I had the use of an e-car. Absolutely fantastic! Very nice to drive and it had all the bells and whistles. It could go about 180km on a full charge, which is plenty around town or for a short trip. You can charge it at home easily and also at charging stations. The roofs of the charging stations were all solar panelled. It’s a bit expensive to use those stations but it is okay when you are in a bind. No oil changes, no gearbox and therefore not a lot of maintenance.

I like them a lot but I also like my old 4x4 diesel pickup I have here. When time comes to get another vehicle I will surely look into e-cars. 


Electric cars are great in isolation but it sort of defeats the purpose if the electricity to run them is coming from a coal/gas power, non-renewable, CO2-producing power station.

It’s not so much the electricity, it’s the batteries. Factor in the CO2 produced and use of non-renewable resources during manufacture to produce the weird and wonderful alloys and compounds. Replace the batteries a couple of times over the life of the car and the cost, renewable resources, and CO2 offsets the cost savings and CO2 reduction of the electric car. It’s just moving the cost – non-renewable resources and CO2 production – away from the car and into the power station and the battery factory. 



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