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Praram 9 Hospital goes digital to provide better care

Nov 16. 2017
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By The Nation

Business leaders in Asia Pacific’s healthcare industry questioned in the recent Microsoft Asia Digital Transformation Survey have indicated an urgency to adapt to the digital era, with 77 per cent of them saying they need to switch to digital business to enable future growth

Despite their apparent willingness, only 25 per cent have a full digital strategy in place today, 45 per cent are in the process of introducing specific digital transformation initiatives in selected parts of their organisation while 30 per cent still have very limited or no strategy in place.

The Microsoft Asia Digital Transformation Study surveyed 1,494 business leaders from Asia Pacific working in organisations with more than 250 employees from 13 Asia Pacific markets: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, 247 of them in the healthcare business.

“The study has shown that Asia Pacific’s healthcare industry has started to act on the need for digital transformation to address the challenges and opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution in the region. Data play an important role in transforming a reactive “sick care system” into a proactive one that manages individual and population health more effectively and at a lower cost. We urge all business leaders in this space to digitally transform themselves amidst changing demands externally and internally, to stay relevant,” says Tatiana Marushevskaya, Marketing & Operations Director, Microsoft Thailand

 In Thailand, Microsoft continues to work with organisations of all sizes to drive digital transformation. Praram 9 Hospital is one of the businesses for which Microsoft is supporting the improvement of effective clinical systems.

“Praram 9 Hospital is a private and standalone hospital with 1,200 employees providing services to approximately 1,100 outpatients a day. The hospital therefore has to expand its facilities and improve its systems to support increasing numbers of patients and respond with world-class standards. With the hospital’s growth, it is necessary for us to perform risk management and data analysis to better protect patient information. That begins with a Disaster Recovery solution that stores hospital and patient information in the cloud to ensure that our operations will not be disrupted even in the face of incidents beyond our control,” says Piyarat Samritpradit, Assistant Director, Information Technology Department, Praram 9 Hospital.

To find out more about how Microsoft is enabling digital transformation for organisations, visit https://blogs.microsoft.com/transform/.

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