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How knowledge (of diet) can set you free  

Nov 22. 2017
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Re: “We should eat meat, drink milk – that’s what cows are for”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

Why on earth has this writer, more usually known for sensible, constructive writing, seen fit to sink to such a level? It could be he is trying to shock, or perhaps even make an attempt at sick humour. In either case he has failed miserably and has only succeeded in losing credibility as a writer of intellectually sound letters.

Cows have a right to exist, as does any other creature. But they do not exist to be exploited and abused by the human race, ironically to its own detriment. 

Humans are so physiologically ignorant of their dietary needs that very few do “die happily”. Their lives having been sustained with synthetic drugs, they invariably pass away in misery stuffed with more pharmaceutical products to lessen their pain. Cows and other herbivorous animals that understand their natural dietary needs, source their bone-building calcium from plants. But one does not need to look far to see examples of human dietary ignorance. The world is not short of pear-shaped and apple-shaped people breathlessly heading for their daily doctor’s visit or queuing for food stamps or welfare payments because they are incapacitated and unable to work.  While this spectacle of human degradation is depressing to behold, it reflects the success of the junk food, pharmaceutical, medical and health insurance industries. They are all growing and thriving thanks to widespread dietary ignorance.

Just how civilised are we humans when our economies are reliant on animal cruelty, synthetic life-sustaining drugs, unhealthy people and ignorance. Our intelligence would be better employed in producing our natural plant-based food organically. In the words of a wise Buddhist monk, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” That is the road to enlightenment.

JC Wilcox

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