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... but raises possibility of further election delay

Dec 05. 2017
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Re: “NCPO links weapons cache to usual red-shirt suspects”, The Nation, yesterday.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Who would of thought that more weapons would be found after a three-year break in such discoveries. And just in time for the lead-up to proposed elections.

Why does a three-year break make any difference? The red shirts are sill organising. If you travel around Chiang Mai province you’ll see loads of red flags, formed like arrows, that point to their meetings and gatherings. No difference. These terrorists are still at it. 


Anyone (outside of Thailand where betting is illegal) taking bets on the “discovery” of more weapons in the months prior to the “planned” election? 


The scary aspect of this is that they don’t care that everyone knows they’re lying. That’s what it’s come to.

stephen tracy

That find, the reaction, and the subsequent apportioning of blame will have come as a surprise to absolutely no one. 


Could have been buried for years, and if the picture depicts the complete “stash” of weapons then that is no reason to delay anything.

I’m not a fan of the junta but if the election is to be delayed, it will be because of the two sides of the divide going at each other in both rhetoric and actions for a year, basically heating everything up again. Instead, things have to start slowly, with newspapers openly criticising the junta, civilians drafted into the Cabinet, etc, resulting in open political debate before an election. 


Everyone knows the red shirts are still around and will try to cause trouble anytime they can. This government is right in going after these terrorists and the Shinawatras. And the farangs who support these criminals should be ashamed of themselves.




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