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Erdogan’s outrage over Palestine belied by his oppression of Kurds

Dec 19. 2017
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Re: “Turkey to open ‘embassy to Palestine’ in Jerusalem”, The Nation, yesterday.

More of Erdogan’s usual hot-air propaganda. He knows that Turkey cannot open an embassy in Jerusalem, but it makes for an attractive headline – such as this one, with the not-so-subtle suggestion that Erdogan is the self-appointed champion of Muslim and Arab causes. But may I ask the latter-day Ottoman sultan Erdogan: who will stand up for Kurdish rights? Who will stop your army from levelling whole Kurdish villages, killing and jailing their leaders and generally denying them any human rights, let alone political ones? Who or what gives you the right to lecture and moralise to others while at the same time you oppress a whole people who are misfortunate enough to have to live in Turkey?

And just for the record, the stateless, rightless Kurds are Muslims too.

This article highlights the abysmal hypocrisy and sheer demagoguery of Turkey’s president.

Andy Leitner

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