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Roy Moore found guilty by accusation in a failed state

Dec 19. 2017
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Re: “I couldn’t be Moore delighted”, Have Your Say, December 18.

Unfortunately, the state of mind expressed in this letter is typical of the left-wing indoctrination metastasising across the US. It’s all rooted in the infantile teachings of the Democrat Party’s guru, Saul Alinsky. He was the subject of Hillary Clinton’s dissertation at university. “Normal” people work on the principle that a person is innocent until proven to be guilty. They also believe in sound, reasoned argument to produce evidence to reach a conclusion. 

According to Alinsky’s teachings, that is all nonsense. He advocated beating an opponent with accusations, whether false or not, until they are totally discredited. These tactics are employed unashamedly by the left-wing Liberals against Donald Trump, Roy Moore and anyone else who stands in their way. 

Evidence has come to light that an attorney at law, Lisa Bloom, encouraged a woman to testify that candidate Donald Trump had sexually abused her. Ms Bloom initially offered the potential accuser US$10,000. The bribe increased considerably during 2016 until 2-3 days before the presidential election on November 8 it reached $750,000. The attorney was to benefit from 33 per cent of the amount as commission. Unable to face the consequences, the woman accuser backed down. Attorney Bloom refused to name the donors of the bribery cash.

Gloria Allred was the attorney assisting Beverley Young Nelson with her accusation of sexual misconduct when she was 14 against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama. Evidence of the claim was based largely on a signed personal message in a university yearbook allegedly made by Roy Moore to Nelson in 1977. When challenged on the authenticity of the writing Gloria Allred refused to have the writing examined by an expert, protesting why should it not be genuine. Members of the accuser’s family say she is lying. Roy Moore had faced many elections for public office over 40 years but no such accusation of the alleged misconduct had been made until Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election.

As letter-writer Noah Zarke says, “Normal people already know what this man Trump amounts to”. He is the American nation’s Wyatt Earp, draining the swamp, cleaning up the media and depoliticising the Department of Justice. People will no longer be guilty by accusation levelled either by the press or by paid minions.

JC Wilcox

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