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A Christmas wish to save animals

Dec 24. 2017
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My Christmas wish is that in 2018 people will increasingly come to recognise that non-human lives matter too and that our fellow Earthlings, like us, deserve to live in peace.

We humans are not natural carnivores thus we have absolutely no need of flesh in our diet. And we certainly don’t need to consume calves baby food or birds eggs. Despite this fact, each year we kill a staggering 65 billion land animals and thousands of billions of sea animals for food. These animals are all intelligent, sensitive individuals who die terrifyingly and painfully.

In his classic song “Happy Christmas (War is over)” John Lennon concludes with the words, “War is over if you want it”. Well, it may not be easy for us individuals to help stop man warring against man, but ending the war on animals is something each one of us can help bring about immediately simply by making humane choices each time we shop. By choosing cruelty-free non-animal foods only, we can all help end the cruel and unjustified war on animals and help usher in a kinder world for all beings in 2018.

Jenny Moxham

Victoria, Australia

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