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Care for your pet around the clock

Jan 06. 2018
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Thonglor Pet Hospital recently opened its new downtown headquarters on a six rai-plus plot of land on Phet Phra Ram Road of Bangkok that will serve as a total solutions provider for pets and their owners.

Fully-equipped with the tools to provide veterinary treatments and pet care, it offers a comprehensive range of general and specialised veterinary services and is the first pet hospital of this scale in Thailand to open round the clock. As part of the new premises, Thonglor Pet City has been designed to complement the lifestyles of pet lovers by creating spaces and functions where people can have a good time with their pets, including a swimming pool, a large lawn, and pet-friendly restaurants.

The new headquarters is home to Thonglor Blood Bank that accepts blood donations from cats and dogs to help save lives of same-species peers. Celebrities Mathunart Sosothikul, Termpong Yuwittaya, Vicha Ratanachote, Jarinporn “Toey” Joonkiat, Pitchaya “Golf” Nitipaisalkul, Akhamsiri “Jakjaan” Suwanasuk and Chollada “Kae” Mekratri along with social media star pets attended the opening together with the animals to share their stories and pet care tips.

 “The trend for animal companionship is obviously rising among Thais due to the changing lifestyles of modern-day people, including growing populations of singles, childless couples, and senior citizens. Thonglor Pet Hospital has therefore moved to demonstrate its leadership in pet healthcare and address the demands of pet owners by opening our new headquarters on this large site. With a combined utility space of 17,000 square metres, the new headquarters is the largest fully-equipped 24/7 pet hospital in Thailand. In addition to highly qualified, highly experienced vets, all veterinary nurses in our paravet team hold at least a higher vocational qualification in animal health and have undergone special pet care training as a requirement set by our hospital,” said its chief executive officer Kitika Chaisupatanakul, 

The spacious backyard features a swimming pool for hydrotherapy, rehabilitation and physical development of pets as well as a pet grooming centre. Training classes are also available for dogs to promote their socialization and discipline. Moreover, it houses pet-friendly restaurants and retail shops in which pets and the owners can spend time together. 

“The hospital also plays a role as a good corporate citizen by opening Thonglor Blood Bank that accepts blood donation from cats and dogs. Transfusion needs are growing today with increasing incidents of the animals suffering severe illnesses or injuries, whose lives often depend on timely supply of safe blood, and case-by-case donation may be too late. The donated blood is used to help hospitalized cats and dogs. Other pet hospitals and clinics are also welcome to transfer cats and dogs for transfusions at our blood bank and we encourage pet owners to make their cats and dogs donors,” added Kitika.

Director of Business Development Tasavarin Kanchanachaya also weighed in, sharing a few tips to ensure good temperaments.

“Keeping pets in good mood is actually not complicated: it is largely about keeping them healthy both physically and mentally. This begins from giving them good pet food and proper pet care, including grooming, tick and flea control, vaccinations and regular checkup. Being physically healthy not only keeps them happy, but also promotes their immunity to illnesses – a preventive approach to pet healthcare. In terms of mental health, be aware that as a pet owner, you are the entire world for them. Finding an activity to do with them can brighten the day of you and your pets alike, for example by taking them out for a walk or exercise, such as swimming or a fetch game. Do not mistake keeping a pet for simply feeding them and giving them a place to sleep. Basic needs of pets can vary a great deal according to species, or even different breeds of the same species. To ensure a long and happy companionship, it is necessary for would-be owners to do a bit of research before deciding to take one in.”

Jack Brown, the British owner of Chester, the Siberian Husky with 200K+ page followers, shared his impression of the place.

“I was once indifferent about keeping a dog, but Chester has changed all that: he is self-composed and well-behaved, which is rare in Siberian Huskies. Chester is a bit vexing with a few of his weird gestures, but that makes him winsome in my opinion. To take care of him, I prioritise health because I believe that good health, no matter in humans or animals, is the source of happiness. However, illnesses can be sometimes unavoidable despite good healthcare. The opening of Thonglor Pet Hospital’s new headquarters as a pet hospital that is open 24 hours a day and fully-staffed with service-minded teams of veterinarians and paraveterinary professionals, plus integration of facilities for holistic happiness of pets and their owners is a blessing for pet owners.”

To learn more, go to or call (02) 079 9999.


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