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Yingluck extradition issue is an unexploded bomb – so why kick it?

Jan 11. 2018
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We should all extend our sympathy to the government for having to resist pressure from various sources to pursue extradition proceedings against Yingluck Shinawatra.

It must be patently obvious to one and all in Thailand that Yingluck was (and still is) a very popular figure among millions of people, and to enforce her return and subsequent imprisonment would result in massive demonstrations – and inevitable casualties – the like of which even Thailand has never experienced before, and for which there would be no obvious resolution.

Why not simply be pragmatic and accept the result that Yingluck, after all, was merely a pawn in the proceedings and is now suffering, along with her brother, effective banishment from her homeland, and leave it at that?

For pity’s sake, it’s over – let it go!

Tony Ash


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