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‘Patriot president’ fails national anthem test 

Jan 12. 2018
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Few would believe it if someone claimed that Donald Trump doesn’t know the words to the American national anthem.

But then came a video of the US president standing with College Football players and servicemen before Monday night’s game as the anthem was being played.

Throughout the solemn occasion, Mr Trump’s mouth did not seem to move in sync with the anthem as he tried to sing along with his fellow Americans.

Video of the incident immmediately went viral.

During the “Late Night Show” the next day, host Seth Meyers slammed the president for appearing not to know the words.

Meyers joked that a president who ran on a platform of pure patriotism and who has spent months lecturing athletes about respecting the national anthem “would at the very least know the words to the anthem ... and yet Trump seemed lost as he tried to sing along to the anthem”.

It will be interesting to see how Trump wriggles free from this seemingly apparent faux pas!

Chavalit Wannawijitr

Chiang Mai

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