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Time to question your unthinking conformity?

Jan 24. 2018
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Re: “On the immense pleasures of eating meat, fish and dairy”, Have Your Say, January 23.

Robin Grant demonstrates his indifference to the cruelty and suffering inflicted on billions of land animals and tonnes of fish by his insistence on sating his temporary taste bud satisfaction at the expense of these innocent animals’ freedom and ultimately their lives. By living a vegan life we are naturally encouraged to wake from unquestioning conformity that allows cruelty and slavery, by refusing to see animals as commodities. 

The gruesome reality is that billions of purpose-bred animals, in particular female animals, are routinely abused for their milk, eggs and reproductive systems, for unnecessary food. Animal agriculture is completely obsolete, destroying our environment, harming our society and sickening us physically, psychologically, ethically and spiritually. 

On this abundant earth each of us can help co-create communities of sanity, freedom and health for all. There is no reason to breed and imprison animals for food and other products, and ethical teachings are in alignment with this and urge us to treat all other beings with respect and kindness. In light of this, once you know, you cannot go back.

Diane Cornelius

South Australia

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