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A realist bites back at the Movement to Shame Carnivores

Jan 25. 2018
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Re: “Time to question your unthinking conformity”, Have Your Say, yesterday.

This column appears to have been usurped by woolly vego-wafflers, largely comprising the Australian faction of what I dub the Movement to Shame Carnivores (MSC) by carpet-bombing us with emotional blackmail and loaded language. For example: “cruelty”, “suffering”, “Innocent”, “freedom”, and so on. So it tiresomely continued yesterday.

Let’s be frank (!) and look at it this way: when humanity was wholly dependent on meat, and the nutrients it provided for survival, it is glaringly obvious those ancestors of ours couldn’t afford the luxury of dwelling on the “suffering” or “cruelty” they visited on their next meal. Were it not for those crucial carnivores, the vego-wafflers wouldn’t be here now to lecture us with their chauvinistic opinions. 

Sure, we all know that providing food for happily zoophagous types like me has reached industrial levels of production. That’s hardly news with a global population of roughly 7.5 billion human beings to support, the clear minority being vegetarians or similar. Yep, I already know, we’re going to be hit by Disraeli-esque “lies, damn lies and statistics”. So what!

As matters remain I’m just an old classical Realist who has this exasperating habit of seeing the world as it really is, and not how we might wish it to be. You keep banging on with your sanctimonious crusade, MSC, and I’ll keep smearing blood on my carrots, potatoes, crunchy, glorious Yorkshire puddings, cauliflower and broccoli. You won’t change me, and I certainly have no intention of wasting my time by trying to change you; live with it. In other words, I care not one jot about what you think of me.

Dr Frank


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