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Making a real meal of it

Feb 07. 2018
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Re: “Dumb arguments hard to stomach”, Have Your Say, February 3.

I am intrigued by Eric Bahrt’s suggestion that the “idiot” Dr Frank should be served up on a dinner plate and eaten. This of course poses the question – what recipe would be appropriate? The obvious choice, Frankfurter sausages, may not be wise. I have a horrible vision of the Dr Frankfurters writhing in the frying pan, spouting, exploding and spitting in our faces as always.  Since Dr Frank claims to have roots in northern England, it might be safer, I think, to first encase the sausages in a thick Yorkshire pudding batter and present him as “Turd-in-the-Hole”, half-baked, of course. 

The doctor eats meat and enjoys a glass of wine, so Doc-au-vin perhaps? But no, on further reflection, we should respect his Irish ancestry and serve him up as a wholesome Irish stew, cooked slowly on a slice of well-trotted Irish peat bog. And with the lid firmly closed so that he might simmer and bluster within.

Nice one, Eric! Bon appetit!

Nigel Pike

Phang Nga


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