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Kudos for a true Thai patriot

Feb 11. 2018
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Re: How a US-based Thai exposed watch scandal, Feb 11, 2018, The Sunday Nation

“... In his opinion, many Thais lacked critical-thinking skills, and this should be taught in schools so that people could learn from when they were young.”

And you sir, with your outstanding work uncovering this corruption case, are the exact reason why it is not being taught at schools in Thailand.

Imagine thousands, if not millions, of Thais who have critical-thinking skills ...

Then how could the elite still get away with murder, illegal hunting, enriching themselves, and grabbing power with coup after coup?

What would the point be of empowering the masses at your own expense?

Better keep them dumb, and rule with nothing to fear.


Better stay in the US, my dear timely friend.


Keep up the good work, David


I take my hat off to the guy in the US, because in my opinion, he demonstrates compassion regarding the internal affairs of his original homeland, and speaks the truth. 

For those individuals who cannot see the truth for what it really is, are very blinkered and may lack respect for themselves plus other individuals, of any creed and or race.

We tend to forget that we are merely human and simply just passing by in life. Why do we have to make ours, plus other people’s lives, a misery?

Greed, power and manipulation come to mind which the Thai guy in the US is clearly pointing out. In my opinion, he cares about the real Thai  people unlike those who strike fear by manipulation and greed.

I’m positive many Thais would want a better life. Which is possible.


He is doing his country a tremendous favour by speaking out and by telling Thais to use critical thinking, as opposed to being told what to think by institutions that profit by using and abusing them. 

When asked by a Thai person how to break the cycle of low-paying jobs and a moribund life, the answer is simple.  Leave Thailand, even if it is just to visit a neighbouring or nearby country. 


Nowhere is a man who really does love his country. Wanting fairness and equality isn’t a Western concept. It’s what many human beings crave. Who on earth sincerely enjoys being subservient to others? If you “want to” go round worshipping other fellow human beings because of their titles and wealth, etc, go ahead. That should be your right to do so. If you don’t, then don’t. It should be completely up to the individual. Keep exposing these rats at the top, David. Their only loyalty is to themselves.


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