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TAT wants ‘quality’ visitors, not sex tourists 

Mar 01. 2018
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Re: “Thai tourism body says it opposes ‘sex tourism’”, Reuters, yesterday.

Reuters: “‘The Tourism Authority of Thailand ensures that its marketing strategy and policy to move Thailand forward as the ‘Quality Destination’ has stepped in the right direction ... and strongly opposes any form of sex tourism,’ the TAT said in a statement late on Wednesday.” 

This kind of tourism probably brings in the most money along with sport so to completely close it down would set Thailand back financially and create even more problems for the families of those working in this business to keep them in food and children in school and support for the elderly. 


“[Thailand has] no literature, no painting and hideous interior decoration. Nobody can deny that gambling and golf are the chief pleasures of the rich, and that licentiousness is the main pleasure of them all.”  Sir Anthony Rumbold, British Ambassador to Thailand, 1965 to 1967.

Father Fintan Stack

The goons in charge are focusing their efforts in all the wrong areas. They are trying to make Thailand a Quaker State, a land of purity. Total BS. Nonsense. Misplaced priorities and wasted efforts. They should be focusing their efforts on traffic and public safety, easing import tariffs, making visa policy simpler and more friendly, boosting Western tourism, real crackdowns on slavery and illegal fishing, cleaning up the water, the air, the rivers and the beaches, and other things that actually improve lives. Not this nonsensical hyperbole.

Little P is not making Thailand great again. Instead the junta is moving the nation backwards at an astonishing and alarming pace.  


Well the TAT has to say that doesn’t it? It can hardly come out and say it supports the sex trade even if it really does. TAT creates a new hub … how would it sound?

“Thailand the Hub of Sex and Prostitution”. 



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