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There’s blood in your milk

Mar 06. 2018
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Given that tomorrow is International Women’s Day, what better time for females everywhere to take a stand against the cruel and heartless abuse of their “sisters”.

The sisters I’m referring to are the hundreds of thousands of pitiful females condemned to lives of unimaginable suffering inside our piggeries, dairy farms and chicken farms. 

Would any of us like to be imprisoned for life and deprived of all semblance of a natural existence simply because of our ability to give birth? Would we like to endure the agony of giving birth each year, only to have our beloved babies torn from our side and killed just so our milk can be stolen for profit? These females don’t deserve to be treated in this cruel and heartless manner any more than we do, because animal products are totally unnecessary in our diet. This is not about need – it’s about greed. 

The most important first step we can make in helping to end this ruthless abuse of our fellow females is to stop contributing to the industries that so cruelly exploit them.

Jenny Moxham

Victoria, Australia

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