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Comey, as FBI director, did a disservice to his nation

Apr 22. 2018
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I feel the opinion piece about James Comey, published on April 21, was flawed in a number of ways.

The writer of the opinion piece, who has chosen to remain nameless, is omitting some critical information in his biased defence of a dishonoured former FBI director. James Comey was fired for a reason. He clearly overstepped his duty and his authority when he absolved Hillary Clinton of criminal acts. The job of the police (the FBI in this case) is to investigate possible crimes. It is the duty of the district attorney to decide if criminal charges should be made.

Comey wrote his absolution two months before the possible defendant, Hillary Clinton, was even interviewed. Comey took it upon himself to decide that no charges should be laid, something that he clearly was not in the position to decide. There are dirty and dishonourable cops in the world. We don’t like to think of them and while most police officers serve their citizens with honour and integrity, there are those few, like James Comey, who overstep their authority and do a disservice to their nation and its citizens.

It is obvious that the nameless writer dislikes Donald Trump and he has every right to his opinion. But Trump is a duly elected president, and the director of the FBI, along with dozens of other appointed officials in every corner of the executive branch of government, serve at the pleasure of the elected president. When those appointed officials such as Comey fail in their positions or, to be honest, when the president tires of their actions, the president has the full authority to dismiss them.

The writer argued: “No candidate can say they will adjust the all-but-sacred mission of the police. None can alter the circumstances in which justice is pursued…”

President Trump did not alter the mission of the police; he held the corrupt director Comey to the ethical position that the FBI director was unable or unwilling to fulfil. 

“The FBI might be a political agency, but this doesn’t mean it should be politicised. Yes, the bureau’s work involves gathering intelligence, but ostensibly at least, it does so to protect the public, not to serve the needs of any individual politician.”

The Department of Justice – and the FBI, which is a part of that department – became incredibly politicised under the Obama administration. More than a half-dozen from upper management have been fired or have quit already and there will be many more. Some of them will be criminally prosecuted after the report by the Office of the Inspector General is released in the weeks ahead.

I would be happy to discuss this at length and in more detail with the author of the piece or anyone else who wishes to have a reasoned debate on the matter. 

Steve K

Retired American patriot

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