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No more ‘upside-downs’ on Syria, please

May 03. 2018
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Re: “Russia slammed for ‘masquerade’ bringing Douma residents to OPCW”, World News, April 28.

Don’t you think that it is time for all fake newsmakers and those who are so naive as to trust them to recognise the evidence – that the video in the hospital of the Syrian city of Douma which resulted in a massive airstrike by the US, the UK and France against a sovereign state was a staged performance?

On April 26 the briefing room of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) was overcrowded with guests from 51 countries of Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa as well as numerous media. While Western countries speak about allegations, we produce evidence!

It was not Russia that got “slammed for a masquerade”. It was the perpetrators of the military strike against Syria and their allies who were humiliated by the clear facts presented first-hand at the briefing by victims, doctors and hospital workers. No wonder that representatives of some Western countries refused to attend the briefing at the OPCW headquarters.

As the truth is finally revealing itself, I have only one request to fellow diplomats and mass media: no more fake news, no more “upside-downs”, please. Let’s get back to the norms of international law and basic rules of classical diplomacy. Let’s restart constructive cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual respect to resolve pressing international problems – without cooperation with Russia most of these simply cannot be resolved.

Kirill Barsky

Russian ambassador to Thailand

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