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Siam Discovery wants you out exploring

May 04. 2018
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By The Nation

Siam Discovery’s Summer Exploratorium is a place to explore new experiences and find your own identity.

Open through May, the Summer Exploratorium features an exhibition of travel photos taken by celebrities Chalisa Viravan, Napat Sutithon, Disaya Korgotchamas and Chayanee Chomsaengchan. 

They reflect the lifestyles of the younger generation, which seeks out a balance between work and leisure and understands there must be a sustainable relationship between people and nature. 

The exhibition aims to encourage everyone to get out, explore and discover one’s own style.

Siam Discovery has used photography application EyeEm, which helps travellers post their trip photos. 

The winners will receive a year’s unlimited free flights on Air Asia. 

The images gathered by the four celebrity globetrotters inspire others to get out and see the world from a different viewpoint. 

Chalisa “Nee” Viravan, former social editor at Vogue Thailand, uses her own website, Taste of Nowhere, as a channel for sharing her stories. 

“On my trips I come to ‘understand’ people, culture and nature,” she says. “Standing in front of huge icebergs, I feel awed and so small because of the power of nature. These experiences make me not only humbler, but also happier for who I am. So the stories at Taste of Nowhere have changed to the connection between humans and nature. They enhance environmental awareness and self-esteem.” 

Napat Sutithon, fashion editor at Elle Men, presents outstanding styles on his social networks. 

“I discovered style thanks to my trips,” he says. “I spend most of my time travelling the world and observing the local way of life and dress. In New York I liked watching people on the subway. The way people dress tells you about the nature of their city. 

“It’s great to find someone outside the fashion industry in a chic outfit because it confirms my belief that it’s not what you wear or how expensive the brand you wear – it’s about how you wear it.”

Disaya “Tiew” Korgotchamas, a singer with the band the Kidnappers, loves diving in the sea off remote islands and set up the Suntan Tour Facebook page to organise “free diving” trips. Free diving means holding your breath underwater rather than using tanks or snorkels. 

“Free diving helped me discover freedom because I don’t have to carry any equipment,” she says. “In the sea I feel light with the water wrapped around me. 

“Being underwater is like entering into another world. I leave everything behind and free myself. I’ve developed a sense of ownership and would like to protect nature.”

Chayanee “Ped” Chomsaengchan, also known as “Pedduck”, is a freelance photographer with a tremendous Instagram following. 

“I like travelling and always take photos of what I like,” she says. “Most of my photos are of mountains, forests and the sea and they can tell stories. Instead of an easy and comfortable trip, I prefer adventures and going off course, taking the road less travelled and finding new perspectives.” 

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