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When in Rome, ignore its business

May 08. 2018
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The hypocrisy of David Graber turns my stomach. He complains that writers such as myself write about non-Thai issues in this Thai newspaper.

May I remind him that The Nation is an English-language newspaper that appeals to people from other countries. The fact that he’s too ignorant or narrow-minded to care about issues of universal concern such as vegetarianism doesn’t mean that’s true of most readers.

But what really makes me mad is that, every time I do comment on “Thai” issues, I’m told to mind my own business and if I have any complaints about this country I should leave.

If you don’t like my letters, Mr Graber, then don’t read them. But Hell will freeze over before I will have the likes of you dictate to me what subjects I can write about.

Eric Bahrt

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