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What next for Thailand after the election rout in Malaysia?

May 13. 2018
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Re: “Thaksin quick off the mark in congratulating Mahathir”, Have Your Say, May 10

Thailand’s ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra posted via Twitter to congratulate Mahathir Mohamad for winning Thursday’s election in Malaysia.

Unfortunately, and perhaps out of haste, Thaksin misspelled Mahathir’s family name – spelling it “Mohamed” instead of Mohamad.

Thaksin also posted what seems to be the latest photo of him shaking hands with Mahathir 15 years ago.

It looks like everybody immediately wants to be identified with the victorious and newest Malaysian leader.

The question is: Who will become Thailand's Mahathir come our next general election?

Vint Chavala

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