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One-way nuclear diplomacy is a ticket to war

Jun 01. 2018
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Re: “Old-school Trump will win the day”, Have Your Say, May 30.

JC Wilcox seems even more confident than Donald Trump himself in the US leader’s ability to make North Korea comply with his demands for denuclearisation.

But there are good reasons to be more cautious.

First, powerful and nuclear-armed countries are mostly unsuccessful in their efforts to forbid other countries from developing nuclear technology because they make one-way demands, not two-way agreements.

What if North Korea, Iran, or any other country, were to respond to the US demand to denuclearise by saying “not unless you do it first”?

Second, no single individual can make long-lasting peace for the whole world, no matter how powerful or intelligent he or she is.

Using one hand to make a clapping sound is also impossible.

However, a single individual can in fact cause a large-scale war that is capable of killing tens of millions of people.

Anyone remember Adolph Hitler?

Vint Chavala

Chiang Mai

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